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Preventative dentistry is the phrase used to describe methods and practices of looking after teeth before serious issues are allowed to occur.

As teeth cannot repair themselves in the same way other parts of the body can, preventative dentistry is hugely important and can protect your teeth from decay, damage and gum disease.

Prevention to us is by far the most important part of the work we do for all ages and we conform fully to the old adage “prevention is better than cure”. Our whole team and ethos is committed to delivering preventive care and advice in a welcoming environment.

More about preventative dentistry.

Whether you are dentally healthy or not prevention should and always will be the focus of each visit at the dentist be it simple or complex dental treatments or attending routine appointments. Dietary advice, oral hygiene instruction and general advice on how to prevent some of the more common oral diseases will always be discussed.
You, dentist and hygienist, play an important educational role in helping you put preventative measures in place at home, to limit the need for more serious intervention down the line and ensure that you keep your teeth and gums healthier for longer.

The benefits of preventative dentistry:
Investing in your oral health means you reduce the need for serious treatment, or even extraction, later on.
Have a healthy-looking smile.
Routine appointments allow any problems to be flagged early and allow for minimally invasive measures early on.
Will save you a lot of money and potential treatment down the line if taken seriously.
Will allow you to keep your teeth functioning and cosmetically for longer.

If your teeth are currently healthy, then your regular scheduled appointments will consist of regular check-ups and hygiene appointments bespoke to your need.

Should you need a little extra care, then we will schedule more frequent appointments to specifically address any oral health concerns.

Speak to us on how you can plan for a long-term investment in your oral health

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