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According to figures by Cancer Research UK, the rates of oral cancer have increased by 68% in the last 20 years in the UK – 1 in 75 men and 1 in 150 women will be diagnosed with oral cancer during their lifetime.

There are several known causes or associations with oral cancer – smoking, alcohol, a poor diet and the human papillomavirus (HPV) are all risk factors.

At Market square dental practice, we care about your health and wellbeing and offer mouth cancer screening appointments to all our patients, so that we may identify any areas for concern or changes in the mouth. These include:

  • Red or white patches
  • Sores that bleed or have not healed after a few weeks
  • Lumps on the mouth, lips or tongue
  • Jaw pain or stiffening of the jaw.

Whilst these symptoms are not always a sign of cancer, do book a consultation as soon as possible should you have any concerns with your oral health.

Importance of mouth cancer screening

Regular mouth cancer screening appointments are vital in detecting signs of mouth cancer early and treating them accordingly. These appointments save lives and we cannot stress enough how important it is to attend these appointments, especially those who are in the risk category for mouth cancer.

Mouth cancer screening – more than just an appointment.

We understand a mouth cancer screening appointment can be daunting for patients and our compassionate and caring team will be here to support you and address any questions or worries you have about your health. We can also help you find support to make lifestyle changes that will lower your chances of developing the disease.

What to expect from a mouth cancer screening appointment?

Your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, checking for signs of red or white patches or tissues, lumps and other abnormalities. We may also check your throat and neck for lumps. Should we detect anything out of the ordinary, we may refer you for a biopsy.

We carry out oral health screening during routine appointments but can also organise specific screening appointments.

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