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General Information

General InformationWe are a practice seeing patients where you pay as you go, or you can spread the cost paying monthly under Denplan.

Private patients are given a treatment plan and estimate at the first appointment. Please ask about Denplan Care if you would like to know more.

Denplan Plans for Children offer a way to budget monthly for your child's dental care. A Supplementary Insurance is included which means that your child is covered for emergencies at home or abroad.

The Initial ConsultationExternal location of practice
At your first appointment as a new patient to the practice you will be given an extensive examination in a 30 minute appointment which includes checking your medical history.

It will include a screen for signs of early cancer, and also to check for other illnesses which sometimes can have early warning signs in the mouth.

x-rays may be taken and are used to check the parts we can’t see from the surface, like the bone levels holding the teeth in, and decay deep between teeth.

Your teeth and gums will be charted and thoroughly checked. Teeth will be checked for decay and also excessive wear.

You will be given a written estimate for any treatment needed and also leaflets to explain any procedures required. We will only go ahead when you are happy to do so.

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Follow up appointments
When you have finished your treatment you will be given an appointment for a recall examination, the time interval will be decided according to need, and in line with the NICE guidelines, recall intervals can vary from 3 months to 2 years. The recalls are very important to maintain your dentistry, and an oral health screening should be carried out at least once a year.

Emergency service
If you are having problems we will always see you the same day, but please do try to ring early.

In an acute emergency outside normal working hours, for Private or Denplan patients of this practice only, ring mobile number 0799 984 2012 to contact the 'on-call' dentist from our local rota. This service is available between 5-9pm weekdays, and 9am - 4pm weekends and bank holidays. The charge for a callout will be £15.00 for Denplan patients and £75.00 for private patients.

For NHS patients telephone the out of hours service 111 where you will be given advice and put in touch with an emergency dentist.

In a severe emergency between 10.00pm and 7.30am please telephone your local accident and emergency department.

We try to see you at the appointed time, if you are kept waiting there is usually a good reason, often an emergency.

If you have to cancel an appointment please give at least 24 hours notice so we can rebook the slot. If we have less than 24 hours notice and cannot rebook the slot you will be charged for the time wasted.

Complaints Procedure
We are always keen to improve, so please tell us if you have any suggestions or comments about any aspect of the time you spend with us.

We have a complaints procedure, which is in line with British Dental Association, NHS and General Dental Council Guidelines. Please ask if you would like information.

We take all necessary precautions to safeguard our patients and staff against blood bourne infections such as AIDS and Hepatitits. We follow recommended protocols with regard to the use, sterilisation and disposal of instruments.

Over the last two years we have invested heavily in our sterilizing procedures in line with new government protocols. We have set up a new dedicated sterilizing facility with two new autoclaves and a water purification system.

Please ask if you would like to see our systems in operation.

Quality Assurance

NHS Denplan Quality Care Commission

Market Square Dental practice is assessed regularly by the South Bucks Primary Care Trust, by Denplan, and by the Care Quality Commission. We are also regulated by the General Dental Council.


 Treatments  Denplan  Fees
  Examination (new)   £00.00 £70.00
  Examination (recall)   Included £39.00
  X-rays (each)   Included £11.00
  Hygienist   Included £56.00
  Scale and polish (simple)   Included £39.00
  Filling (small)   Included £75.00
  Filling (medium)   Included £114.00
  Filling (large)   Included £160.00
  Crown and veneers   Lab fee only from £520.00
  Bridge (per unit)   Lab fee only from £448.00
  Dentures (each)   Lab fee only from £400.00
  Root fillings   Included £250 - £468
  Extractions   Included from £75.00
  Teeth Whitening   £300.00 £300.00
  Gum shield   Lab fee only £80.00
Denplan fees for 2013
Denplan A Denplan B Denplan C Denplan D Denplan E
£18.27 £24.49 £30.32 £37.33 £45.45
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