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General InformationPrevention rather than invasive treatment is what this practice is all about and here we explain the different needs of teeth throughout childhood.

Up to 6 years. As soon as teeth first come through at about 3 months they should be brushed regularly with a soft brush. If your baby is fed from a bottle it should not contain sweetened drinks as this can result in teeth being in contact with sugar for long periods. Sweetened drinks should only ever be drunk at mealtimes.

7 to 12 years. By the age of 7 adult teeth should be coming through. Parents should still brush the child's teeth, or at least oversee that they are doing it properly. Ask if you are not sure about the best technique.

12 to 18 years. Children should now be taking responsibility for keeping their own teeth clean. Teeth in this age group are particularly prone to damage caused by sugary drinks bought and drunk between meals. Don't brush your teeth immediately after a drink or meal though, it's better to wait for half an hour or so for the saliva to naturally neutralise the acid.

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Is a specialist branch of dentistry concerned with straightening teeth.
Straight teeth are easier to keep clean as well as biting more effectively and looking more attractive.
Most orthodontic treatment is carried out with fixed braces or train tracks, followed by retainers which hold the teeth in place until they become set.

What to do if a second tooth gets knocked out-

  • If you have it and it’s clean, put it back if you can,
  • Hold it by the top, not the root.
  • Put it into a cup of milk or keep it in your mouth
  • See a dentist as soon as possible
  • Take painkillers if needed
  • Don’t clean the tooth in disinfectant or water or let it dry out
  • Don’t put aspirin or clove oil round the wound.

Gum Shields (or mouthguards)
Should be worn for all contact sports, eg. hockey, football, rugby, cricket and boxing- they can prevent broken and damaged teeth, broken or dislocated jaws, and sometimes brain damage.
It is important to have a well fitting mouthguard which should be replaced annually when a child is growing fast. Accurate impressions are needed to make a gum shield that fits well, which only your dentist can do.

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> Brush your teeth like a star!

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